Douglas County Jail in the News

Douglas County will face tough choices on jail expansion if tax referendum fails, official says (2/21/18)
Building jail expansion in phases would take 16 years, $6M to $8M a year, county says (2/20/18)
Fact-checking county commissioners on assertion that big budget cuts will come if voters reject jail/mental health sales tax (2/19/18)

Activist leaders blast proposed expansion of Douglas County Jail (2/17/18)

Letter to the editor: Political calculus (2/15/18) 

If sales tax referendum fails, Douglas County will have to cut services to expand jail, leaders say (2/14/18)

As voters consider $44M expansion, report finds some changes could reduce overcrowding at Douglas County jail (2/12/18)

Douglas County Commission to schedule forums on jail and mental health referendum, provide information on what happens if voters reject (2/7/18)

Johnson County built a larger jail and now has 300 unused beds; Douglas County can’t use them (2/4/18)State law won’t allow Douglas County commissioners to campaign for passage of jail, mental health sales tax (1/30/18)

Letter to the editor: Bad move, county (1/26/18)

Douglas County Commission approves language for ballot question on jail expansion, behavioral health campus (1/24/18)

Douglas County Commission agrees to put jail expansion, behavioral health campus on same ballot question (1/17/18)

Douglas County commissioners ready to ask voters to approve jail expansion, behavioral health initiatives (1/16/18)

Editorial: Options exist for jail, center (1/7/18)

Editorial: Consider issues separately (12/19/17)

Douglas County commission agrees to move ahead with $44 million jail expansion design (11/30/17)

Editorial: Jail numbers not very clear (5/16/17)

Editorial: Avoid expansion (12/12/16)